Following your dreams and the “arts” are a common association for most people. The Twin Cities is a community rich in the arts and educational opportunities. At PiM Arts High School you get the best of both worlds. From introductory courses to Advanced Placement, PIM Math and Science departments offer a variety of courses for every ability and interest level such as Forensic Science and Statistics. Departments successfully meet and exceed all state standards.

What’s unique to PiM is its goal to implement the arts within all classes. Students are frequently expected to express learning through performance or art, making their educational experience truly personalized.  Class of 2012 alum, Ella Beaudoin is a perfect example of a student who was challenged both artistically and academically.  Recently, she was awarded a Fellowship in Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) with the National Science Foundation.  A research opportunity funded by the National Science Foundation supporting research of damage to million-year-old stone tools at an excavation site in South Africa. When asked about how arts-learning influenced the work she does, Beaudoin shared, “I honestly don’t think I would have ever been able to do everything I have done without my theatre background. Being involved in theatre taught me not only how to juggle a million things at once, but also the importance of reliability and dependability. Another thing theatre showed me is that you cannot operate as a singular unit. It takes so many people supporting one another to get anywhere.”

Like Ella Beaudoin, PiM believes in the power of creativity and collaboration.  As Executive Director Matt McFarlane shared, “Multiple perspectives create open-minded, lifelong learners who cultivate a positive society.  Ella Beaudoin is a great example of a dedicated student artist who met the post-secondary world as a leader, and there are many more like her.”

Class of 2007 alum, Paige Klone recently attended the Golden Globes for her work as an executive assistant to the producer of Mozart in the Jungle, which took home the win for Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy.  That producer happened to be Jason Schwartzman, her latest employer in Los Angeles, where she has lived since 2012.  Klone relocated to Hollywood after finishing her undergrad in Writing and Producing for Television at Columbia Chicago. Klone has also worked closely with Jamie Kennedy and David Koechner, assisting with life as well as their television and film projects. In addition to assisting on a-list film sets, Klone continues to write and produce her own projects. With a career that requires exemplary creativity, stamina, and resilience, Klone credits PiM for her drive.  As she shared, “I learned the more you put into something, the more you get out of it.  To create something consistently every single day, bad or good, because the more you create, the more you’ll learn.”

At just twenty-six years old, 07’ alumni Rebecca Wilder, relocated to China to found a center for orphaned and disabled children called Hope Station.  The non-profit, operated out of Chengdu, was the brain child of Wilder after her experiences from an earlier internship.  Together with her business partner, they spent months researching different models for foster care. After Wilder returned to the U.S. she successfully fundraised, formed a board of directors and made the vision for Hope Station a reality.

Wilder remembers her time in art school fondly, “It widened my cultural and artistic horizons, and that is a huge deal in living overseas. I’m so thankful I had the chance to major in music during high school, without jeopardizing my other interests and studies. Everything I’ve studied in high school and college has come together beautifully in what I do now. Both music and intercultural studies are part of my daily life. Music is often more of a common language than English or Chinese or even body language. It bridges a gap between me and them and helps us to connect on a whole new level. I wouldn’t want it any other way!”

Whether PiM alumni become archeologists or philanthropists, the impact of an arts education is apparent in the stories of these alumni.  Arts infused curriculum is a valuable method in developing citizens who are creative, communicative, collaborative, and curious.  With this tuition-free charter school’s new relocation to a beautiful site in Eden Prairie, arts, academics & dreams are happening here!

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