January 2018 Lifestyle Letter

It’s no coincidence that January 1st is the most self-centering 
day of the year. Let’s take a look at the numbers. January 1st is 1/1, and it’s the day your assignment is due – Who am I and what am I doing? The number 1 and the capital I only happen once a year and each day after that we build on that number and that letter to reflect our assignment – Who am I and What am I doing?

The challenge for me is to cull the list to a realistic number of ideas to implement. When we were kids, we’d sit with the Sears and JC Penney catalogs and detail all the toys we wanted. We’d put them on our lists and present them to our parents. They’d look them over and tell us to decide which toys we could get and share and bring them back the revised list. We’d go through multiple rounds of this right up to Christmas Eve. So, much like my childhood wish list for Santa, I work on my list, revise it many times right up to New Year’s Eve where I’ve hopefully made some good choices and if not – there’s always next year?

The first issue of the year brings inspiration, motivation, introspection and some great recipes. The Eden Prairie Lifestyle team wish you and your New Year much success. 

Mary Abeln

Publication Director