December 2017 Lifestyle Letter

The holiday season is upon us. Our family, like yours, is immersed in preparation and celebration of all that is dear to us. For us, the holidays are a time of appreciation and reflection on all of the gifts that we have been given throughout the year and what is yet to come with family, friends, and community.

For the staff at Eden Prairie Lifestyle and our families, it has been a wonderful year. We are thankful for so many great happenings in 2017. Each of you, our readers and fellow residents, have accepted us into your homes, given us your comments and suggestions, and let us become part of the great experience of life in Eden Prairie. We have been welcomed into your organizations, community projects, and your friendship. For this we are eternally grateful and want you to know that our mission will not change – our focus and efforts will always be to play our part in informing, highlighting and celebrating all of the great things that make life in Eden Prairie all that it is.

We are a diverse community and we celebrate that fact. There are many holiday traditions that are celebrated by our residents. In our hearts, we celebrate them with you.

We hope you enjoy our December offerings. We wish your families peace and happiness as you gather with those who are dear to you. Thank you for being a wonderful place to call home and being our neighbors.

Andy Stavast