October 2017 Lifestyle Letter

As we welcome in the new season, we also say “hello” to the up-and-coming trends that follow. Whether it be trends in clothing, interior design, foods, or housing, fresh fall styles are here… to stay? So maybe not all trends become classics, but that might be a good thing. After all, I for one am relieved that denim fedoras, waterbeds, and Tang have found their way out.

The important thing to remember about trends is your ability to choose to embrace them, disregard them completely, or alter them to your own personal taste. In this issue, we took some upcoming fall trends and put our own Eden Prairie Lifestyle spin on them. Special thanks to Barb Truempi over at Boutique 78 for letting us photograph some of her pieces that, unlike denim fedoras, are on trend and undoubtedly timeless classics.

Trends that I am personally excited to see come around this season include menswear for women, neon fluorescent indoor signs, and the rapid resurgence of case after case of La Croix.

some new trends and inspiration in the pages of this issue. Feel free to contact us with any additions!


Nora Johnson, Editor