From the Floor Up 1

The floor covering industry is stepping up its game. With the dawn of all kinds of new technology, we are finding what is old is new again.

Recently I spent a considerable amount of time with Brent Oney, the Sales Manager of Yetzer’s floor covering to get the insiders view on flooring. Brent has been in the flooring business for the last 20 years. We discussed trends in styles, products, and installation. It’d been 15 years since we’d built our “empty nesters townhome” and I needed help understanding the ins and outs of the options. Thankfully, Brent was in tune with my lack of knowledge and made my experience comfortable and enjoyable.

Creating a vision is so much easier these days, with the use of Pinterest and Google. Yetzer’s even offers website design tools and free design services to help turn those visions into reality. Setting up a free appointment with an interior designer from Yetzer’s is as effortless as adding photos to your new Pinterest board. It’s important to have an overall plan, even if your current project is as small as replacing a single room’s flooring. Planning with an interior designer will enable you to stretch your budget, allowing you to get the best of what you want. Work with an objective, create a plan, and choose wisely.

Carpets become the central piece of the interior décor composition: they are colorful, attractive, can make a strong statement with their design, composition, and texture; the latest carpet trends are capable of breaking the borders of the imagination. It becomes a piece of art – like a painting or a statue that spice up the interior composition. Wall to wall carpet has become high-tech. They are softer, thicker, easier to clean and stain resistant. The design options are endless. You may want your carpet to be low-key so that other design elements can stand out. Or, if you’re hoping for a bit of flair, consider having a custom bound carpet to bring in the colors and set the tone of your space. Be sure to wrap your head around the padding options available as well.

Solid Wood floors are a staple here in Minnesota. With proper care and maintenance, they can last you the life of your home. Today there are a variety of engineered products to choose from. They are unbelievable in look and feel, down to the channels between the planks. Brent explained that they even take a photo of the wood and instead of laying that on a flat surface they copy the texture and laser on wood grain, making it hard to tell the difference from solid to manufactured.

Next, there is LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile). Nobody wants to say “Vinyl” anymore because it is reminiscent of the 1970’s. Like I said old is new and Vinyl has come a long way. The LVT floors are beautiful and high quality.

Durable tile flooring has always been a standard in Minnesota homes, and it is coming back stronger than ever. Due to advancing technologies, tile can now mimic not only the look of natural stone but hardwood, fabrics and more. Porcelain tiles can be made larger and thinner which makes them perfect for going up a feature wall. Getting creative is key.

To get more information on flooring and free design assistance you can reach out to Brent at Yetzer’s or, he says he’d be happy to hear from you.