Sweater Weather Jewelry 6

What better way to head into fall than to freshen up your look with a few choice pieces of jewelry. The ideas trending today are about making timeless additions to your collection. Rings, layering necklaces and bracelets are everywhere. If you are in the market to add to your current jewelry treasures or just starting out – here are a few tips and ideas to consider. Frame yourself with the perfect earring, bracelet, and necklaces.  A few well-chosen additions will bring an endless supply of options for your fall look. Everyone looks amazing with the latest delicate stackable rings. Stack a couple of bracelets and a delicate chain and pendant, and you’re ready to go. Always consider building on your collection. Money well spent on timeless pieces of jewelry will bring you joy for years to come. It may be hard to imagine today, but you will have beautiful pieces to pass along when the time is right. Stop into Continental Diamond at 1600 Utica Ave S #130 in St Louis Park to find timeless pieces to add to your fall wardrobe.