September 2017 Lifestyle Letter

September is a month of celebration for the staff of Eden Prairie Lifestyle. It is our one-year Anniversary!

Our first year bringing you Eden Prairie Lifestyle has been a fabulous and enriching experience for all of us. Our goal from the outset was to bring our readers a publication that would be interesting, entertaining, and informative and to do so in a way that connects us in the lifestyle’s we lead in the great community of Eden Prairie. We promised to be listeners and we thank you for your comments during the year. You have connected and communicated with us and for this, we will always be appreciative. We say to you “please continue”.

As we move forward together we will continue our focus on current style, home, health and recreation, local businesses, and much more. An additional ongoing goal for us will be to meet and celebrate unique and interesting neighbors. During the year we have met world renowned musicians, people who have worked in the intelligence world, successful entrepreneurs, interesting artists, great families who give back to the community and more, all our neighbors and all with great stories to share. We also want to recognize great organizations that strongly contribute to life in the Prairie. Thank you to the Eden Prairie Foundation, The Prop Food Shelf, The Prop Shop, The Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce and the wonderful Lions and Lioness organization. All contributors adding to the benefit of everyone here in EP.

We enter our second year full of purpose and excitement in connecting with all of you and wishing you and your families the best in all that life in Eden Prairie has to give.  Proudly we ask you all to always remember that you are our neighbors.

Andy Stavast, Publisher