Preserving the Flavors of Summer

Do you enjoy eating juicy tomatoes grown from your garden in the summer and in the middle of winter? If the answer is “yes” then you are among the growing number of people that grow and harvest their food from earth to plate. There is such a satisfaction in growing your own food, eating it fresh and canning it to preserve the surplus. Many who choose not to grow their own produce frequent the many Farmers Markets around the cities so they too can experience freshness at its best.

The benefits of preserving your own produce are numerous. The food you grow is fresh and chemical free. You will know all of the ingredients used to produce pickles, salsas, jams and other canned goods. And, you are assured of the benefits of nutritional meals throughout the season.

Here is just an example of some of our favorites

Tomatoes – Process tomatoes the easy way: roast then freeze for use later as sauce, soups and stews.

Green Beans – Blanch beans in boiling water, then quick-chill them in ice water before freezing in containers.

Cucumbers – Pickles are an all-time favorite 
when they are homemade. Use your favorite pickle recipe to enjoy your cucumbers all year long.

Berries – Try the dry pack freezing method by freezing individual pieces of fruit. Spread out the pieces of fruit on a cookie sheet or jellyroll pan and place in the freezer. When the pieces are solidly frozen, remove them with a spatula and pack in plastic freezer bags or containers.

Herbs – Freeze herbs as ice cubes: wash herbs, pat dry and remove from stems. Chop if needed, or simply press into ice cube trays and drizzle a little water over to fill, so a cube will form when frozen. When ready, pop cubes out into freezer bags.

Remember that any way you chose to preserve the harvest of summer will add enjoyment to many winter meals. For more information, visit