Performing Institute of Minnesota 2

Arts High School

A world class and award winning performing art school and a state of the art performance center providing an artistic hub for the Southwest Metropolitan area. Rooted in educating and world class performance for all community members, the Performing Institute of Minnesota (PiM) will invigorate arts, learning, and artistic presentation for the greater community. Merging academics and college preparatory arts training with performance and learning opportunities, the Performing Institue of Minnesota will include both performing arts education and performance arts series.

Performing Arts Education

With a 13-year history, PiM Arts High School (formally the Main Street School of Performing Arts) provides student artists the opportunity to reach their highest potential. The new PiM Arts High School campus is a public charter school for all high school students interested in pursuing arts education and artistic presentation, PiM Arts High School offers student artists grades 9 through 12 the opportunity to study in Vocal or Instrumental Music, Dance, Theatre, Visual Art, Musical Theatre and Media Art. PiM Arts High School meets all the graduation requirements from the Minnesota Department of Education and has highly successful graduates in colleges and universities across the U.S. The Performing Institue of Minnesota will also be open to the greater Community. PiM will be an educational resource and provide a curriculum of afternoon and evening community programs such as individual music lessons, dance classes, theatrical improvisation, and acting classes. Partnering with well-established music programs, active dance studios, theatrical companies and teachers from the metro, evenings at PiM will be filled with learning and performance,

Performance Arts Series

PiM will host arts events throughout the year to further the Arts High School’s mission of artistic excellence and encourage the residents of the Southwest Metro to engage in an active artistic community. PiM will present an arts series of performances immersing the school’s students in dialogue, master classes, and performances with the best of established professional music, dance, and theatre drawn from both local and national artists. Space will also be available for other arts organizations to produce and present their work. PiM will truly become the artistic center for arts and education in the Southwest metro.