August 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Back to School – the time you have either been dreading or excitedly anticipating. Regardless of your stance on the time of year, it’s soon approaching. We now have a month to fit in every warm weather activity we forgot to do this summer, schedule dozens of medical appointments, buy supplies, and mentally prepare for the upcoming school year.

I remember as a kid walking through the aisles of Target and seeing the large “Back to School” display in as early as July. Of course, my immediate reaction was to cover my eyes and quickly run in the opposite direction. I would even go as far as to mute the TV when a cheery school supply commercial would come on. Apparently, I have always been one to be blissfully in denial.

On top of articles that will make the transition back into school easier, there are some great stories on health and community. As well as an important look into Starkey Hearing Technologies’ panel discussion that brought His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama to Eden Prairie.

Many thanks to Starkey and Eden Prairie Lifestyle for the opportunity of a lifetime.


Nora Johnson, Editor