Pudgie Revolution! 2

A classic camping food is getting a makeover! Three Wisconsin natives have teamed up to write a cookbook devoted to pudgie pies. What’s a pudgie pie? It’s a grilled sandwich toasted in a pie iron over a fire. Known to some as mountain pies, tonka toasters, campfire pies or something entirely different, they are delicious no matter what you call them. According to authors Jared Pierce, Carrie Simon, and Liv Svanoe, pudgie pies are where it’s at when it comes to campfire cooking.

On the next few pages you’ll find a couple of recipes from Pudgie Revolution!, but you’ll soon be addicted and have to pick up the entire cookbook. You can get a copy of Pudgie Revolution! at PudgieRevolution.com where you’ll also find links to the team’s Pudgie University video series. There you can learn how to make recipes from the cookbook, get cooking tips, and even hear a few puns.