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Eden Prairie is home to many great civic organizations where residents come together as individuals and as groups to improve the wonderful experience of living here. Certainly, this collective experience of “giving back” contributes to the high quality of life ranking that Eden Prairie regularly enjoys in the national press. This is the story of one such organization that is a shining signature of who we are as residents of Eden Prairie and as Minnesotans.

The Let’s Go Fishing Eden Prairie Chapter touches many lives each summer with a Minnesota tradition, Fishing! As Minnesotans, we celebrate the sport of fishing as a way of life – and as a symbol of who we are. Fishing is a sport – a pastime that embodies our culture, connects us to family and friends, and provides us long lasting memories from early childhood to our senior years. Memories of fishing are personal to each of us bringing back weekends at the cabin, that special time with our grandparent, and for me, the fun experience with my favorite uncle. These are moments and memories never to be forgotten.

The Let’s Go Fishing Eden Prairie Chapter was formed by its Founder, Joe Holm, and his wife Carolyn of Wilmar, MN, who presented their organization, its purpose, and potentials to the local Lions Club. Post presentation the Lions were hooked! A Lions board was formed that included Mike Smith, Terry Eggan, Mike Gruidl, Steve Olson, Richard Smith along with Lioness Peggy Muller and Gwen Wildermuth. The plan was devised along with an initial $15,000 donation to get the ball rolling.

We were on the way to Lake Riley with our first Pontoon boat with the express purpose of delivering a great fishing experience to Seniors, Veterans, the disabled and young children, all who might not have had the opportunity to celebrate the day with our great Minnesota pastime.

Who is Let’s Go Fishing in Eden Prairie? Many great people from many organizations. The Eden Prairie Chapter is made up of volunteers from local Lions and Lioness, to Rotary, Optimist Club, American Legion members, and residents who enjoy being part of the effort. Everyone is welcome.

Let’s Go Fishing now operates two pontoon boats, scheduling excursions 6 days per week on Lake Riley from June through the end of September. Is the turnout big? You bet it is. In 2016 Let’s Go Fishing had over 2,300 guests out for a day with nature, fun, fishing and connecting. The goal this summer is to grow the guest list to at least 3,500 guests.

Let’s Go Fishing welcomes volunteers. Donations to this organization are most welcomed.

Yes, the love of fishing is always with us and the enjoyment is universal. The Let’s Go Fishing Eden Prairie Chapter truly believes that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the happiness and fulfillment that a day on the water brings.

There are currently 25 Let’s Go Fishing Chapters across Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. The organization has provided fishing excursions to over 160,000 guests prior to this year…a number sure to grow into the future.

Many folks think that going fishing is as simple as visiting a lake and casting a line. In fact, for over 50 million of us it is just not that easy. Let’s Go Fishing Eden Prairie creates memorable days for Seniors, Veterans, and children of all ages. It is an organization with a great purpose and a fabulous example of what living in Eden Prairie is all about.

To find out how to volunteer, donate, and connect with Let’s Go Fishing Eden Prairie go to LFGWS.com or call 612-743-9989.

“Let’s Go Fishing” Giving Everyone the Peace of a Minnesota Lake