Men's Skin Care: What You Need to Know

With Dr. Jane H Lisko of Associated Skin Care Specialists

Do men really need to worry about skincare?

From a dermatologist’s perspective, absolutely men need to worry about their skin! Men have all the same skin problems as women – acne, dry skin, sun damage, aging, etc. The problem though, is that many men have been raised believing that only women “cared for their skin”. Products were marketed to women for women; packaging has been very feminine and “frou-frou”, and the products themselves were not ideal for male skin. Over the last decade, though, this has begun to change as manufacturers have begun creating lines of skin care products more suited to male skin. Dermatologists, too, have become more tuned into the unique needs of the male patient.

Is there a fundamental difference between male & female skin and skin care? Does stress play a role?

The simple answer to this is yes and no. Male skin is different in its composition in the sense that it is often thicker and contains a greater density of pilosebaceous (hair follicle and oil glands) units. This is responsible for the greater oil content typically on male skin, explaining why men may not require as much moisturization as women. With the greater density of oil glands and hair follicles, though, cleansing the skin is very important in men. The similarity between men’s and women’s skin is with respect to sun damage. Sun is an equal opportunity offender to both male and female skin. As dermatologists, we are of course concerned with the connection between ultraviolet (UV) and skin cancer. Sun is also the key factor is premature aging of the skin.  Stress plays a role in every facet of medicine. While stress does not in and of itself cause any particular skin disease, it is certainly an exacerbating factor if someone has an underlying skin issue.

What types of services are men using through your practice? What new technology or products are you most excited to offer?

At Associated Skin Care Specialists, we offer a wide array of services for men. Our board-certified dermatologists recommended an annual full skin check for men.

Botox or” Brotox” as we say when treating our male patients (botulinum toxin) is a popular treatment for men, too. This protein is injected into the skin to specifically target muscles of facial expression to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, especially on the forehead and around the eyes. This helps the eyes to look less tired while at the same time lessening the pensive furrow between the brow. Men are also starting to use fillers to help restore a more masculine facial shape and contour.

Services that are even more popular with men include laser hair removal to permanently remove unwanted facial and body hair in a nearly painless manner. Kybella, an injectable treatment performed in the office is an amazing therapy that permanently destroys the submental fat pad. This fat pad under our chins creates the undesirable “turkey neck”. Kybella serves to sculpt this area into a more defined chin. Our new TruSculpt device helps both men and women to treat those pesky small fat deposits in areas such as the abdomen, back, thighs, etc. that just won’t go away despite all of those hours at the gym. Furthermore, miraDry is a device that permanently destroys the sweat glands in the underarm. This dramatically reduces both sweat and odor.

What products should men be using on their skin daily?

To begin, men should use a high quality gentle non-soap cleanser. In regards to shaving, using a pre-shave oil can help the razor to glide better over the skin. In addition, using a brush when applying shaving cream helps to lift the whiskers from the skin. Next, I recommend using an anti-oxidant product with vitamin C. This coupled with sunscreen gives much greater protection from the sun than just sunscreen alone.  Finally, men should apply a light moisturizer with sunscreen to the skin. Sunscreen should be reapplied every 90 minutes if outside.  In the evening, men should again cleanse with a gentle cleanser then consider applying an evening moisturizer if the skin feels dry.

What’s the number one piece of advice you would give to men about their skin?

There are so many options for treating male skin! Schedule an appointment to see all of the possibilities to improve your skin health and appearance. 

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