Lifestyle Letter

As we welcome you to our June Men’s Issue we wanted to take a moment to thank our readers for your wonderful and inspiring comments about our May “Women of Substance” feature. It is our honor to recognize true contributors to Eden Prairie. To Jan Carlson, Renee Jacobus, Marcia Levoir, Hanadi Chehabeddine, Nancy Tyra-Lukens. Mary Mackmiller and Kay Nordbye thank you for being who you are, what you do and for making Eden Prairie all that it is.

Our men’s issue features fashion, skin care, culinary exploits and the game of Golf. To our male readers we hope you enjoy the focus on you.

Of particular note, we want to thank Rudy Luther, Peter Eaton and the welcoming staff at Olympic Hills Golf Club for being the most gracious of hosts in welcoming Jay Smith, our writer back to the game of Golf. Golf is a game played on the course and in the mind…we think our golf lovers will related to Jay’s insights as he rediscovered a cherished sport and made new friends.

It is hard to believe we are almost through half of 2017. You have warmly welcomed us into your homes, participated with us, given us ideas and concepts and let us be part of your lives. Thank you! Please always know that we welcome meeting and connecting with you. Call us, email us and greet us in person, we are your neighbors.

Andy Stavast, Publisher