Essential Oils For Men 1

Natural Healing, One Drop at a Time

Okay, guys, do you know that essential oils are great for MEN? Most of you probably have heard the ladies in your lives talking about essential oils and how amazing they are. Perhaps some aromatic and fragrant essential oils have even made their way into your home. But, did you know the health benefits of essential oils are vast and that several of the oils carry neutral or masculine scents?


Essential oils are plant-based medicine. The oils are derived from seeds, rind, leaves, flowers and barks of plants found all over the world. The oils are extracted from the plants and distilled into amazing essential oils that can provide health benefits for a wide variety of health concerns.

Essential oils can be used to assist with workout recovery and provide relief to tired muscles. They can also tame skin irritations caused by shaving, offer relief from digestive issues, soothe away headaches, alleviate symptoms of allergies or a stuffy nose. This list goes on and on. Essential oils are truly gifts from the earth and because they are made from plant compounds, our bodies intuitively know how to utilize them for our benefit.


There are many companies that sell essential oils, and not all brands are pure, high-quality essential oils. I encourage you to do your own research to determine which brand to purchase. After all, you will be using these wonderful oils to overcome various health concerns, so be sure you are using a brand that is 100% pure and has no chemical additives (which may negate any benefits).


A couple of years ago, when I first purchased several essential oils, my husband laughed and rolled his eyes. He assumed the oils were just a waste of money. It didn’t take long for him to change his opinion! The first thing he noticed was the fact that the oils didn’t smell like chemical-laden perfumes. The next thing he noted was that I received nearly immediate health benefits from the various oils I tried. Observing all of this, it wasn’t long before he started asking questions about what each oil was used for. Within a few weeks, he started using essential oils himself—and he tells everyone he knows about how amazing they are (like he discovered them)!

Now, essential oils are the first thing either of us turns to for aches and pains, stuffy noses, digestive issues, etc. My skeptical husband was easily converted into regular oil user—maybe you should give it a whirl and find out for yourself the remarkable benefits of essential oils!