2017 Summer Menswear 5

he 10,000 lakes have thawed, and it’s time for your style to follow suit. We all need a few reminders after essentially dressing for survival all winter (and most of spring, if we’re being honest). Allow us to jumpstart your summer wardrobe inspiration!

Find one standout piece that you can wear repeatedly all season. Summer is social. It’s the time for dressing to be photographed, and a signature piece will consistently make you a centerpiece. If you cop a bold statement item early in the season, you can spend the entire summer imbuing it with memories. It might sound silly now, but come winter you’ll be able to look back fondly on an entire season of photos of you in your summer-2017-defining look. It’ll keep you warm, we promise.

Nostalgia still reigns supreme, and the 90s trends we saw all winter will likely continue throughout this summer. You don’t have to go full 90210 to capitalize on the trend. Wear modern fits in throwback colors, or consider revisiting brands you might not have worn in a while. Many beloved 90s names are putting out affordable collections aimed at an audience who didn’t get to enjoy similar looks in their heyday. Looking for absolute authenticity? Scout out vintage or thrift shops for inexpensive pieces your friends won’t have. Swimwear options are limited for men, so don’t be afraid to wear a secondhand swimsuit in the name of individuality— just wash it first.

If you’re a fan of the layered look, there’s no reason to stop when the weather warms up. Layering makes for great transitional outfits at the beginning and end of the season. Go for thinner fabrics or denim. Let those heavy flannels rest. Think of a button-down shirt as a light jacket. You can always tie it around your waist later if things really heat up. Pair with a baseball cap for a look that can transition throughout the day. Layering in the summer works well in Minnesota where we often end up altering our outfits throughout the day as the weather changes. It makes sense to wear long sleeves with shorts here, don’t let someone tell you otherwise. You may also wear sandals with pants—as long as they are not flip flops. “Seasonally appropriate” is a relative term in the Midwest.

Are you partial to wearing darker colors? You can keep your fifty shades of black and still fit in at the beach. Just look for patterns in darker tones that still tap into that warm-weather whimsy. If you’re wearing solid dark colors, choose airy fabrics to avoid overheating. Do try some color if you dare. Brighter colors go with blue skies, and pastels can be dressed up or down to fit your mood. Winter was full of heavy, clunky fabrics and garments. Take this time to dress lightly while you can, and above all have fun with it. Use the summer to wear what you want—not what you have to.