May 2017 Lifestyle Letter

There are very few things that I am as passionate about than the support and recognition of women. I find myself being inspired by both women I personally know and those I do not know on a daily basis. Many of these empowering women that I have the pleasure of looking up to are ones I have met through Eden Prairie Lifestyle. I have come to learn that to be a powerful woman, one does not need to solely be an activist for women’s rights, but can be influencing the people around them in many different ways.

In celebration of the incredible women of Eden Prairie, we decided to host our first annual Eden Prairie Lifestyle Women of Substance award celebration. A group of powerful local women was selected to join us for a night of well-deserved recognition. The league of women consisted of those that work in the medical field, small businesses owners, activists, non-profit members, government officials, and school board members. I can’t begin to describe the intimidation and inspiration I felt in that room.

Although these women were all being honored for different reasons, a thread of commonalities string between each of them. Their passions and drive are palpable, they each lack the fear to fight for what they believe in, and all carry their kindness in every action they take. We are extremely lucky to have these women in our community.

While putting together this issue I began reflecting on the fantastic women in my own life that I take for granted, most importantly my mother. The courage she has to always be herself is beyond admirable and has truly shaped who I am today. Happy Mother’s Day to all the fantastic mother figures of Eden Prairie.


Nora Johnson, Editor