The Face of Your Wedding 2

With make-up artist Sophia Johnson


Apply a moisturizer and eye cream to your clean skin, then add a radiance primer. Using a beauty sponge, apply your favorite foundation in areas where you feel most coverage is desired. Blend out the primer using a pressing motion. Then highlight by using a concealer 1 to 2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone. Apply the concealer to the center of your face, down your nose, under your eyes, and under your brow bone. Next, set the base with a translucent powder using a soft rounded fluffy brush, don’t forget to set underneath your eyes. For a natural look, apply a peach rose toned blush along the apples of your cheeks by sweeping in an upward motion. For more of a glam look, apply bronzer to add extra warmth and definition to your skin. Using an angled brush, apply a matte bronzer in the hollows of the cheek to contour the face. If you want a more sculpted look, sweep the bronzer along your hairline and jawline. Lastly, Finish your base with a shimmer highlight powder followed by a setting spray.


For a natural look use a flat synthetic brush to apply light colored shimmer shadow all over each of your eyelids. To add extra shimmer, spray the brush with a setting spray before applying your shadow. Define the crease by using a matte warm shade with a fluffy soft brush. Apply the shadow back and forth in the crease with tiny circles to help soften the blend. Finish with your favorite mascara.

If you are going for a more dramatic glam look use a defined shader brush to apply a deeper shade of your choice of shadow along your upper and lower lash line. Blend the same shadow into the outer corner of your eye into the crease for added depth. Using your fluffy soft brush, soften the darker shadow with a matte warm shadow and blend using back and forth motion. Finish with lining your eyes with a liquid liner before adding lashes if you desire. Don’t forget to add mascara to lower lashline as well!


Using an angled brush and soft matte shadow close to your brow color, lightly feather in color only in sparse areas of your brow for a natural look. This is easiest by starting at the base of your brow and flicking your brush in an upward and out motion. For more of a glam defined brow, add in a pencil to further outline your brow. Again, start from the base and line outwards. Using a spole, brush the product upwards and outwards. Add more powder with the angled brush and matte shadow for extra depth.


Line your lips using a lipliner close to the natural tones of your lips. Then apply your favorite nude lipstick with the liner. Try pairing your lipstick to the same tone as your blush for overall balance. For more of a glam lip, apply a shimmery gloss in the center for more of a plumped pout and a lip liner a shade deeper than your choice of lipstick for added definition.