Perfect Signature Cocktails


Blackberry Fizz

1.5 oz vodka

5 crushed blackberries

3 oz lemonade

1 spritz of soda water

Orange Maple Old-Fashioned Cocktail

A squeezed Orange

1 Tbsp Maple syrup, pure

1 Ice boulder

3 Splashes of orange bitters

2 oz Whiskey

Garnish with some orange rind

Create the perfect signature cocktails for your special event.  Both recipes can be made in advance (withhold the ice until ready to serve) in a pitcher. Display the finished cocktails on the bar top with a hand-crafted label to entice your guests. Be sure to have lots of lavender sprigs and wide cut orange rinds on hand. They will make everything smell amazing and the finishing touch for each cocktail ensures your guest feels special.  You can also offer a non-alcoholic version that is just as pretty.

Catch up with Mike or Lisa at The Vintage Wine*Spirits*Beer 8971 Crossroads Blvd. Chanhassen for assistance with designing beverages for your event.