Lindsay Miller Photography 8

There’s something indescribably, naturally magical about being with your person, on your day, in your own world – that’s something I learned sitting down with Lindsay Miller, of Lindsay Miller Photography. She specializes in wedding, engagement, family, and otherwise intimate photos, and everything about her ethos gives it away.

When asked about her introduction to documentary wedding photography, she says: “The first wedding I shot was my uncle’s, actually — and I’m a hopeless romantic,” In fact, the creation of her business has always been entwined with family; she started out shooting outdoor scenes, macro photography shots, and portraits in natural light with her sister, Katie. “I started out doing weddings of family members; my sister’s friends. Then people I didn’t know started asking about it.”

Lindsay Miller Photography’s style is a fusion of classic with modern, and always dreamy. “Organic is a good word,” she says. “I love natural lighting.” LMP is also known for catching emotionally-charged candid, natural shots. This is, in part, because LMP uses a second shooter, Maire McMahon. Says McMahon: “With a second shooter, we don’t have to worry about missing anything. We can stay in the moment.”

“When you get a photo and you see that she has a tear running down her cheek, or the couple is laughing, just being themselves… Those are my favorites,” Miller says. “They’re all about the emotion, about telling the story.” Another perk of having a second shooter? When both halves of the wedding party are getting ready in separate locations. “There are a lot of special little moments you might not be able to get with just one photographer.”

Lindsay Miller Photography consistently captures the tiny moments that, when woven together, tell the most beautiful parts of the wedding day narrative that can’t be put into words: the families and friends seeing the bride for the first time, the couple making eye contact, the moment of closeness before a kiss. “Sometimes we need to be like a fly on the wall.” she says. It shows — her galleries are full of smiling eyes glassy with tears, couples whispering to one another, and full-body laughs.

Another unmistakable hallmark of Lindsay Miller Photography? Natural scenery and woodsy backgrounds. Not only does she capture gorgeous wedding party lineups and coupling shots in supernaturally beautiful outdoor scenes, but in family and engagement portraits that always have their own, unique personality. “It’s all about getting to know the couple.” says Miller. “We learn who they are.”

Lindsay Miller Photography does this both with a questionnaire to cover all logistical bases, and by meeting in person to walk through the fine points of priority shots and overall aesthetic. But in the end, Miller says, “Don’t overthink it. Just be with your person.” LMP can cover the rest.

While her signature ethereal outdoor photos with the sun low in the sky are breathtaking, her indoor photos lit from above or with sparkling string lights also stun. “I’m not afraid to step outside of my comfort zone. As a photographer, you never stop learning.” Regardless of the location or time of year, Lindsay Miller Photography is certain to capture the most engaging events of your big day: the traditional shots, the artistic angles, and those unplanned and free-spirited moments that are distinctly you.
Our takeaway? On your wedding day, be yourself in a place that speaks to your core. Miller: “I want to capture your natural emotions in your natural element.”