It's Official - You are the 'Other' Man 2

Father of the Bride and Father of the Groom, two designations you’ve always looked forward to being. Your son or daughter’s wedding day is one that you’ve been planning for quite some time. Saving money here and there all while watching the young couple bloom.
As the Father you too need to know what your role is, which traditions are being followed to make this day special. Beyond those details, you need to look the part.
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Tips for the Fathers:

  1. After you make sure your wedding clothes are ready to go, ask how you can help with the event.
  2. It is possible you will have a few drinks before the very special toast you’re expected to give the bride and groom at the reception, prepare your speech in advance. Jotting a few key points on a note card will assure your confidence when it is your time to speak. A few weeks after the celebration give the note card to the newlyweds to save with their wedding keepsakes.
  3. Make sure to thank all the guests who attended and say goodbye when they leave. Usually, the bride and groom are still dancing when older family members are leaving. Help the newlyweds and say goodbyes for them, so they’re not obligated to give up their last hour of fun.
  4. Savor every moment while watching your child grow into the next stage of their life, don’t worry, they’ll still need you.