April 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Being in my mid-twenties has brought me to my fair share of weddings. I have found that my favorite part of each celebration has been seeing the unique personalities of the couple ingrained within every aspect of their day. A great wedding is a portrait, carefully designed and curated by the couple to represent who they are and how they love. Each individual feature is an opportunity to emote their story, from the apparel and the food to the music and festivities. Even traditional weddings can be customized to be made distinctly personal.

It has been an absolute joy traveling around Eden Prairie to find the best of the best for the upcoming wedding season. This issue has been in the making since December, and I couldn’t be more excited to finally bring it to your coffee tables. We have collaborated with dress boutiques, venues, photographers, drink specialists, stylists and artists to create a one-of-a-kind Eden Prairie wedding guidebook. All local, unique, and without a doubt extraordinary.

We hope to spark inspiration through these pages, for those of you planning, for those of you dreaming, and for those of you simply searching for nostalgia.