The Luxury Experience, 
Delivered with Taste and Style

Luther Luxury Auto

The purchase of a luxury vehicle is a unique and exciting time for today’s consumer. We are choosing a product and environment that we will travel with, represent who we are, and deliver performance and pleasure for years to come. A significant part of the purchase is the luxury brand buying process. As consumers, we value the recognition of ourselves as individuals with specific desires, style, and tastes. Luther Luxury Auto is well versed in delivering the exceptional from the first moment of contact with the organization. The Luther Luxury staff is highly versed in assisting their clients with “concierge” service from the moment of contact to the relationship after the purchase. In addition to the acquisition of a Luxury Automobile, a Luther Luxury client will receive an ongoing personal relationship with an organization that will be there to maintain and reinforce the experience. The Luther Luxury process recognizes that expectations must be met immediately and throughout the process. A great benefit to clients is that the Luther staff is made up of highly trained professionals, devoted to the luxury experience who truly love the cars that they sell.
The Luther experience encompasses the full range of luxury models from Audi A8, Jaguar FPace, Land Rover, BMW 7 series or classic models such as a 1966 Corvette, 1955 Austin Healy to a Jaguar XK140. Their organization is always up to date with national availability and current pricing status of unique and exotic automobiles.
Luther also offers consignment services. A client with the desire to sell a unique, classic automobile will find the Luther staff equipped and ready to find a buyer at the best price.
For consumers in the luxury automobile market, the Luther Luxury staff understands the value of “white glove”, concierge handling of the entire process. From the first contact with the organization client’s needs, tastes and values along with preferred means of communication are ascertained. A staff member is happy to bring the automobile to their clients for inspection be it their home or office.
As consumers, we make many purchases large and some not so large. The acquisition of a Luxury Automobile is one of life’s great pleasures. We have worked hard at our careers, built businesses, succeeded in our personal endeavors and now have arrived at a moment where we have the opportunity to fulfill our desire for the purchase of the luxury automobile that we have always envisioned in our life. Luther Luxury Automobiles understands and makes the most in delivering a truly exceptional personalized experience to their clients.
Clients who are in the luxury automobile market will be well served by Luther Luxury Automobiles. To step into a “white glove” experience contact Quinton Ballard at (952) 258-8558 or