Simple Ideas to Renovate and Refine Your Outdoor Spaces

The word “renovate” brings to my mind an endless project that will require abundant resources and much time to complete.  I also think “big mess” and immediately begin to wonder if it’s even wise for me to start a renovation project. In previous years, after pondering an outdoor renovation idea for an extended period of time, I’ve either changed my mind or told myself that I would tackle the project next year.

Well, it’s a new year and that was my old attitude! My new attitude realizes that when a project is broken down into small pieces, it can be comfortably managed, achievable, and enjoyable. That’s right! Renovation projects can be enjoyable! I would like to share a few simple ideas about how you can renovate and add an updated look to your outdoor spaces this year.

Paint is a definite go-to item for a fresh, updated look for any outdoor area.  Instead of tossing out your tired-looking flower containers, which you may have been using for endless years, give them a facelift with a fresh coat of paint.  Consider repurposing an old crate or basket into an outdoor container by covering it with a durable coat of exterior-grade paint, lining it with landscape fabric, and filling it with potting soil.  When the spring planting season arrives, fill it with a variety of beautiful flowers and plants.  By painting only one or two colors on the container, you can add more flair and interest by using a variety of flowers.  Let your new plant container be the focal point of your patio or front entry!  With a renovated and dynamic-looking old crate or basket, you can compliment even the fresh green leaves of simple herbs or grasses.

Another way to set the mood, in your landscape, is to use some accent lighting.  Try dropping a few votives into a collection of mason jars, or into drilled holes in a Birch log, to subtly illuminate your outdoor entertainment area.  Simple projects like these can be done with supplies you may already have around your home.  Adding ribbon, along with a touch of paint to your votive holders, will complete the look.  Consider adding lighting to the potted plants that surround your outdoor seating area.  Grouping a few citronella torches or candle stakes into outdoor containers creates a greater impact than a single torch.  This same type of lighting can be expanded out into the yard to light the way for guests to venture out to a secluded garden bench.

In addition to lighting, stepping stones, cut into the lawn, will draw your guests out into the garden.  A stepping-stone path is inviting and functional, yet requires minimal work to install.  Planks of wood can also be used to create a small boardwalk across a dry creek bed or narrow drainage area in the yard.  Wood planks and stepping stones also work well for making small pathways to access water spigots, hoses and garden sheds.

Hopefully, these simple ideas will spark ideas for new ways you can refresh your outdoor living space!  With spring just around the corner, take a look at your storage areas and find that old container or item to renovate and fill with beautiful plants.  A few simple enhancements will give your landscape a fresh new look for a great new spring! Visit for more.