March 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Happy March everyone!  
Up to this point, winter seems to have left us high and dry showing off all the flaws around the house. Have no fear fellow homeowners; there is help out there for all your projects.

Established in 1880, Eden Prairie truly had its building heyday a full one hundred years later.  I’ve been a part of so many conversations about whether to stay or go when the house needs some bigger investment dollars.  I say, “Go where?” there is no ‘where.’ We are just 12 miles outside of the city center of Minneapolis.  We know what is happening in our community; where building and developments are going to happen because we’ve matured as a community and the best is here – not yet to come. To me, this means it’s time to update our homes and landscapes and enjoy this beautiful place we call home.

I hope that you are looking around your house and yard seeing all the possibilities. It’s time to start a plan.  Take the inspiration photos you’ve been dreaming about and visit the local landscape and garden center or get a meeting with a reputable remodeler to start the conversation. They’ll help you figure out how to make it happen in a way that you’ll be happy with for a very long time.  Significant investments in your home and landscaping are not wholly DIY projects. Leave it to the pros to zero in on what you can do and what they can do to get the best outcome that will save you money and make you happy.

Save-the-Date, please!  Saturday, April 29th is the annual EP Gives event that is going to blow your socks off!  I’m so excited to find out that The Dap Squad will be playing the dance party.  Google The Dap Squad and sample the music, you won’t be disappointed.  So, get a sitta, or better yet reserve a room and spend the night.  See you there!