Lecy Bros Homes and Remodeling

The Right Contractor Makes All the Difference

Remodeling a home might seem overwhelming or out of budget for many homeowners, but with the right contractor, it doesn’t have to be.

Lecy Bros. Homes and Remodeling has been working with homeowners for more than three decades. While the company builds ten to fifteen high-end custom homes each year, they remodel in almost every price range. Locally owned by brothers Mark and Roy since 1983, they work on everything from modifying a small bathroom to completely remodeling a home.

Andy Johnsrud is in charge of Major Remodeling Sales and involved in New Home Sales for Lecy Bros. He has years of experience working with homeowners and says there are several factors to look at when deciding to remodel. Along with the home’s resale value including the remodeling project, the long-term usage should be considered as well. “It’s extremely easy to design for right now. But, it’s our job to help our clients think of how a design will impact their home not only today but 5 to 10 years in the future.”

Lecy Bros work on remodeling projects ranging from homeowners who purchase a house with the intention of changing the rooms or aspects of the floor plan that do not work for them, to remodeling the home they’ve lived in for many years. When a family outgrows a home but loves the location, schools, and their neighbors, remodeling is sometimes an overlooked option.

Two common misconceptions about remodeling involve time and cost. With the abundance of home improvement shows on television, it sometimes leads to an unrealistic perception of what the process of remodeling is actually like. Homeowners often believe they can remodel an entire kitchen for an unrealistic amount of money in an impossible timeframe or they believe it’s going to be extremely stressful with thousands of dollars in hidden costs. Neither extreme describes Lecy Bros.

Johnsrud says they strive to complete their due diligence up-front. “We want to tell homeowners the good news and the bad news before we start.  We take their expectations and goals and lay them out on paper, while being realistic about cost and design constraints. We put a lot of time and thought into each design and do our best to make sure each bid is as accurate as possible. We don’t tell a client it’s going to take one month when it’s going to take four, and we don’t tell them it’s going to cost $100,000, when it’s really going to cost $200,000. We understand that a realistic bid is the best way for a homeowner to make an informed decision that works for their family.”

For those who don’t have the funding for one large remodel, there are options as well. Johnsrud says many homeowners remodel in stages for cash flow reasons. “We develop a master plan of what the end result will be, which also ensures you’re not remodeling something today that you want to change in two years. They might do the lower level one year, then the main floor, and the following year the master bedroom. It’s a great way to get the results you want without paying for everything at one time.”

As for his favorite part of the business, Johnsrud says it’s the people. “A dramatic home transformation is always great, but watching a family see their dream home become a reality is incredibly rewarding.”

Their custom homes can be seen in the Parade of Homes, which runs March 4th through April 2nd, and the Artisan Home Tour in June. More information on these shows can be found at www.paradeofhomes.org.

Lecy Bros. Homes and Remodeling is located in Minnetonka and can be reached at 952-944-9499. To view a photo gallery of past remodeling projects, visit their website – www.lecybros.com.