Feeling in Full Color 6

The 2017 Moodboard

Redecorating, renovating, or waiting for the perfect finishing touches to find their way home – whenever we make a change in our space, we don’t just think about how it looks, but how it feels. Color is the most emotional characteristic of the visual experience, so we’ve rounded up the top trending shades to make your space feel as beautiful as it looks.

Green, with bright notes of yellow

According to Pantone, printing-company-turned-color-authority, the color of 2017 is their spring green shade Greenery. This effervescent shade of earth is cheerful and enlivening, perfect for welcoming in another Minnesota spring.
A yellowy green is perfect for complementary accent walls as well as kitchen accessories like stoneware, dish cloths, and glass. Of course, we can’t forget the ultimate embodiment of Greenery: wandering potted vines, lush succulents and suspended air plants.

Nude, peachy pink

Soft peach is cozy, demure, and fresh. Thanks to its versatility, it embodies these different personalities based on how it is presented. To keep it feeling new, focus on warm, more saturated shades; this avoids any dustiness associated with the pastel.
For comfort and sanctuary, we love pinky-nude in textured fabric like wide-knit or raw-fringed throw pillows or linen, light-filtering curtains for that nostalgic late-afternoon glow. Minimalists will adore pops of peach in smooth, accessorial touches: a structured floor cushion or a planter with clean lines.

Dark, smoldering red

Burning embers, spiced rum, and cherry reduction: this timeless sangria shade feels more lively than ever. A perfect color to embody warmth and life, spiced red continues to be our favorite for adding depth and energy to our living and sleeping spaces.
To incorporate red’s nuances into a space that already has individuality, add wooden textures with warm finishes or artwork that includes this garnet hue. It especially suits rooms that do not get much natural light, as it adds a vibrancy that can stand alone.

The deepest grey-blue

This muted take on Prussian blue is stimulating and so modern. A work of art alone, this color is reminiscent of both serenity and endlessness. At once more purple and grayer than 2016’s Moroccan ultramarine blue, this not-quite-navy tone originates more from the center of a stormy lake or a starless night sky.
To capture this blue’s vastness, we focused on flat, dominant surfaces like a minimally accessorized wall or even a high ceiling. The shade is especially flattering to rooms that are already furnished with plenty of texture and patterns. To keep it from overwhelming smaller spaces, aim for a blue with plenty of gray undertones that aren’t too dark.

Marigold, the richest yellow

When opulence meets playfulness, we get marigold. This tone is dichotomous as youthful and old-souled, which serves the beholder in all of our complexity.
This goldenrod yellow manifests optimism as an all-over wall color or woven through patterned area rugs and printed throw pillows. A yellow-gold wears well in a central living area, or rooms with lots of sunlight. We also love it in small doses in rooms with dark, rich color schemes. For a contrast in rooms with lots of depth, try ceramic details at coffee table height.

Whether we are doing a visual overhaul or tweaking a work in progress, joy happens when beauty and intention aligns. And when we find eye candy that’s also soul food? It feels good.