Setting a New Pace

The Jaguar F-Pace is One Feisty Feline

From the anticipatory hum of a purr to the all-out, pedal-down roar, there’s something about a Jaguar that makes your heart beat a little faster. With a growling engine and feline sleekness, the new F-PACE, a medium luxury SUV, is all Jaguar.

“We designed the all-new F-PACE to be, first and foremost, a Jaguar,” says Ian Callum, Director of Design at Jaguar. But it’s so much more than the wee convertibles of the automobile maker’s past. “The F-PACE is an all-weather Jaguar sports car, life-proofed for five people and their belongings.”

The first thing you’ll notice about the F-PACE is its strapping silhouette, the very lines of which exude untapped power. Muscular rear haunches and an angular rear window reveal a spacious trunk area, perfect for storing sports equipment and Sunday’s golf bag. You’ll find Jaguar’s signature in the single-sheet body, thanks to the brand’s expertise in aluminum. Everything about the vehicle’s exterior whispers of the inherent athleticism of the performance SUV.

And that’s truly what the F-PACE is—a performance sports utility vehicle, designed to get you and your four passengers to the ends of the Earth and your next adventure. But who said adventures had to be messy or minimal? The luxurious, spacious interior brings Jaguar’s meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship to a modern world. Slip into the available leather sports seats and experience slick comfort with 14 different adjustments, heating and cooling. And with the 12.3-inch virtual instrument cluster, every bell and whistle is at your fingertips.

Remember what we said about this being a decisively modern Jaguar? Look no further than the advanced driver assistance systems for proof of the F-PACE’s technological savviness. The All Surface Progress Control controls the throttle and brakes, so the driver can concentrate on—and truly enjoy—the fun of steering. The advanced stereo camera delivers Autonomous Emergency Braking and a pedestrian detection to initiate full braking automatically, plus Lane Departure Warnings and Lane Keep Assist to help drivers avoid collisions. Of course, the F-PACE also offers blind spot monitoring and parking assist, but our favorite feature might be the Intelligent Speed Limiter, which can automatically increase or decrease the vehicle’s max speed depending on the local speed limit.

Those modern touches continue far beyond the actual driving experience. The Jaguar InControl Touch infotainment system is standard in the F-PACE, and it’s as intuitive and modern as these systems can get. The navigation system is leagues above the piddly version you’ll find on your phone with turn-by-turn instructions that can show on the head-up display right before your very eyes. Features like Commute Mode memorize your route to work and automatically offer alternative routes in the face of congestion or traffic.

Don’t forget that this is an SUV. It’s been tested at locations around the world, from the most frigid tundras to the driest deserts, to ensure every tire grips the road and offers you the thrill of an exhilarating, but always safe, ride. Both the 3.01 340 hp or 380 hp supercharged gasoline V6 engines with 8-speed transmissions offer four-wheel power and torque to get you across every highway and dirt road out there with oomph.

With a polished and almost surreptitious aesthetic and a ruggedness prepared to take you anywhere, the F-PACE is all class, all comfort, and all Jaguar.