In Harmony with Nature 2

Another great Minnesotan making a difference

The annual Minneapolis Boat Show presents hundreds of boats at the Convention Center each year as the kick-off to the summer boating season. Minnesotans start planning for when the ice goes out marking the annual boating ritual in the land of lakes. There are reportedly 11,842 lakes, 69,200 miles of rivers and streams, and about 4,000 miles of water trails, making boating of all kinds a focal point of outdoor activity for Minnesotans.

What’s new and exciting is that we can now approach our fun on the water with sustainable mobility – electric drive systems delivering power, endurance, and convenience. For the first time since WWII, boat building has returned to this historic northern shipyard on the banks of the St. Louis River in Duluth.

Symphony Boat Company, out of Duluth, specializes in creating beautiful boats with electric drive systems. Marcel LaFond, the founder, has merged the art of boat making with the electric drive systems producing the most exciting new boats and power supply to come to market.

Symphony Boat Company offers customized designs to amaze and delight even the savviest of boaters. You can have one built with features seen on almost any modern or classic boat out there; they can build it for you and make it yours alone.

Think of the excitement Tesla has generated today; everyone wants one – Symphony Boat Company is bringing you much the same. If you can avoid the high levels of pollution by switching to quiet, modern and emission-free electric drive systems – why wouldn’t you?

Torqeedo electric motors power the SBC crafts, producing zero emissions on the water.  These motors do not require any maintenance and generate almost no noise. SBC designs are aluminum bonded with foam to add stiffness, insulation, and buoyancy and the inner skin is epoxy sealed Oukome Plywood.  All the wood or bamboo throughout each boat is bonded with epoxy, and exposed wood is treated with UV inhibitors for longevity. You get the best of both worlds with an aluminum foam bonded hull, a wood interior and the high-performance electric drive system from Torqeedo.

Enjoy these months of winter hibernation by planning all your lake time family fun! We’ll see you out on the water.