A Healthy Heart Starts 
with Healthy Soil

Have you given much thought to the dirt within which you plant your vegetables each spring? Have you added any compost or microbes to the dirt lately? There is more to dirt than just being an anchor for the plants to grow in. That is why we call good dirt, soil. Soil holds the basic needs for all life. Billions of microbes live in the soil and feed all living things. It is time you give your plants the microbes & nutrients they need to grow and produce a crop that is nutrient rich from top to bottom.

Soil is alive, It has vitality, a word defined as “of, or manifesting life.” Every cubic inch of healthy soil is a miniature world of beneficial living organisms carrying out nature’s amazing processes to break down organic matter, making it available to plants’ roots. Those roots take up these life-giving elements to nourish the plant that nourishes you. (Posted on March 4, 2014, by Dr. Earth)

Dr. Earth is one of the most innovative organic gardening companies in the U.S. They remind us that all over the planet, human health relates directly to soil health. Healthy, living soil gives life to everything that grows in it and is the main source supplying our plants with the sustenance they need to properly develop into naturally thriving, insect-resistant, nutrient-packed produce. When we eat a piece of a plant that came out of living soil, our body draws out the nutrients we need to stay alive and be healthy. By looking at this life process in reverse, we stay alive by extracting the life from living plants that depend on living soil.

Your home garden is an amazing source of produce. You can enjoy nutrient-dense herbs, vegetables, and fruit and spend less money doing so. It will require a little work on your part to keep the garden watered adequately and the weeds at bay from competing for those valuable nutrients and space.

Soil enhancers for your garden are available in different names or forms including Compost, Activated Compost, Garden Soil with Probiotics, and soils enhanced with mycorrhizae, micronutrients and/or microbes. All of these are geared to help you create the best soil, or the best base, for your plants to grow and thrive in.

We are all on a quest to lead a happy & healthy life. With one small step, you can make a huge difference towards living a long and healthy life. Let this be the year you take action with a simple step into your garden and reap the healthy benefits for you and your family. For more tips and information, visit www.themustardseed.com