Time for Renewal

Exploring Sedona

The beginning of every new year is a wonderful opportunity to make a fresh start. Kick a habit, lose the weight, or otherwise make a change in ourselves that we deem needs improving. A new year is, for many of us, a time of renewal. To break free from our day to day activities, and experience renewal, a trip to an area that is celebrated for its rejuvenating qualities may be in order.

Sedona, Arizona is known around the world for its vast beauty and unique restorative and healing qualities. A short two-hour drive north of Phoenix, nestled among the stunning Red Rock formations, Sedona is truly a world unto itself. Far from the hustle and bustle of the big city, life in Sedona ambles along at a less-hurried pace. It’s a great antidote for stress and day-to-day problems and an ideal setting for the three R’s: relaxation, rest, and renewal.

An escape to Sedona allows one to commune in nature, visit the energy-rich vortexes found in the breathtakingly beautiful surrounding Red Rocks, or hike along the numerous trails in the area.


Sedona is famous for its numerous art galleries, handcrafted jewelry, and spas; however, the main attraction in Sedona is truly the scenery. There are over 100 maintained trails in the Sedona area to enable visitors to enjoy the outdoors and experience nature at its finest. Hiking, biking, and exploring are favorite year-round outdoor activities. Sunrises and sunsets are especially amazing as the sunlight reflects off the red sandstone.

Additionally, there are numerous tour operators in the area offering everything from jeep tours into the mountains, guided spiritual encounters at the vortexes, hot air balloon rides, sightseeing and much more. Sedona is truly an all-season paradise!


The area surrounding Sedona is also rich and varied. To the south lies the Verde Valley which boasts an abundance of wineries with tasting rooms open year-round. Just north of Sedona is the gorgeous Oak Creek Canyon, which is not to be missed. Less than an hour farther north of Sedona is Flagstaff, which is a jumping off point for the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. The South Rim and all its’ grandeur is just 90 minutes north of Flagstaff, making that loop a very easy day trip.

Also within easy driving distance is Winslow, which was popularized by the Eagles’ hit song, “Take It Easy.” A visit to Standin’ on the Corner Park, which commemorates the catchy tune, is a fun bit of nostalgia for those familiar with the song. Plus, just a few miles from Winslow lies the Meteor Crater which is the world’s best preserved meteorite impact site. It’s a whopper measuring nearly a mile wide and 550 feet deep!


There is such an abundance of amazing things to do during a visit to Sedona, be sure to allow several days to fully experience the area. Sedona is a very experiential place to visit and one must allow plenty of time to just be in the moment, reflect, and experience the renewing energy and vitality of the area.