New Year 
Garden Resolution

Are you pondering making a New Year’s resolution, or do you avoid them so that you do not fail them?

Whatever your answer is, you are in control of your own destiny. You are in control of what you eat, what you wear and what you say. You have the potential to do great things! So where are you going to start?

Why not start in your own backyard? Start by committing to growing some of your own food. You do not have to start with a big garden, start small so you do not feel overwhelmed. You could start as small as a couple containers on your deck or patio or make a little larger commitment with a 4’ x 10’ garden. Either way you will be able to have a few vegetable or herb plants that you love and enjoy eating.

Perhaps you already have a garden and have been eating fresh & healthy right outside your door. Do you plant the same things each year? Step outside of your comfort zone and try a new vegetable, I tried Okra this year and learned a bit about it to help us make better use of it this coming season.

Now is the time to ponder what vegetables you want to grow. Consider what you & your family use the most.  If you all love green beans, then start with them. You will find gardening is most rewarding when you are able to reap the benefits. It’s convenient to go to the garden to grab some fresh beans, their taste will be the freshest they can be and the healthiest! How rewarding does that sound right now?

Another approach to your selection can be theme based. If you love to make homemade pizzas then grow a pizza garden! Fresh Basil to compliment your Tomatoes and Peppers that you’ve sliced makes my mouth water just talking about it. You could get creative and try new combinations like Eggplant and Thyme.

Talk with your friends and neighbors about what they plan to grow. I have a neighbor who loves to grow different varieties of tomatoes and has a hard time using them all himself. So he shares them with his neighbors. Another neighbor was continuously offering Summer Squash to others. She realizes now that one plant will be enough for her to plant this next season. You could plan it out so you will be complimenting each other’s gardens with a greater variety then one may want to take on or have the space for themselves.

After you have decided what you want to grow, then you can choose between starting them from seed or a starter plant. What you want to grow can dictate how you start them. Tomatoes & beans are easy & ideal plants to start indoors so they can gain some size before planting them outside. Peas and carrots are easy to start from seed in the garden as they are go fast and have a shorter number of days to harvest. Reading the back of the seed packet or researching online can help you with your decision of starting with seed or a plant.

Many people have started growing heirloom varieties because they remember the taste of the tomato their Grandmother grew and they want to relive that and share it with their family. Seed Savers offers many heirloom as well as historic varieties of vegetable seeds. Most seed companies offer NON GMO seeds and can generally be found in stores starting in February.

Starting from seed takes a little more planning but can be rewarding for those who love to watch the seedling emerge from the soil and grow indoors with them. If you like quicker results or don’t have the space to start some seeds inside, then hit the garden center the beginning of May and select a few plants to get your garden started. Starting with a starter plant gives you the flexibility on when to plant your garden and starting with a more established plant.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions now or while at the store, their staff is there to help you get the most you can out of your gardening experience. For more ideas and inspiration visit