January 2017 Lifestyle Letter

One of my 2016 New Year’s resolutions that I made in January was to get a job that allowed me to be creative, work with inspiring people, and make a positive impact on my community. Fast-forward to about 7 months later, when I walked into Mary Abeln’s office in response to a job opportunity for her company. Halfway through the interview, the conversation veered over to a different project that she and Andy were starting, a magazine.

Fortunately, I did not get the job I was interviewing for that day. Instead, I got an internship for the launch of Eden Prairie Lifestyle. As the magazine grew, so did my position for the publication, I went from intern, to associate editor, to editor. I could not be more proud of our magazine, our writers and photographers, the readers, the advertisers, and the positive community impact Eden Prairie Lifestyle has made. I am passionate about the small businesses, diversity, art, philanthropy, and people that bind this community together. I strive each month to create a publication that Eden Prairie can also take immense pride in.

I would like to thank our readers for your constant feedback and involvement, Mary and Andy for keeping me around even when I am being annoyingly particular, and my family for your never ending support.

Have big goals for 2017, and stay positive that your goals can be achieved. Take every situation as an opportunity and let life surprise you. Here’s to a new year, new goals, and a new Eden Prairie Lifestyle issue each month.