From Our Family to Yours

As the holiday season arrives the staff at Eden Prairie Lifestyle abounds with joy and appreciation for so many things. We want to share our thoughts of gratitude with you. We are a community of diverse people that appreciates, cares and educates our children. We are a giving community, conscious of the beauty of diversity and we have a real sense of purpose and attending to the needs of our neighbors.
The holiday season is a time to celebrate all that we have in life that fulfills us, our family, friends, and neighbors and those in need. As we came to publication this year, we have met so many great people in the community who embody good hearts and positive spirits. We thank you for being who you are.
We are thankful to be a part of life in Eden Prairie. Your acceptance of Eden Prairie Lifestyle has been both gratifying and fulfilling. We look forward to continuing to be part of your lives and our commitment to being a valuable publication that informs, entertains and contributes to our town and each of your as individuals.
We wish you peace, happiness and the warmth of the season.
May you hold those dear close to you and care for those in need.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Eden Prairie Lifestyle,

Andy Stavast, Mary Abeln, Nora Johnson, Maire McMahon