Setting the Stage for the Holiday Season with Simplicity 3

Setting the Stage for the Holiday Season with Simplicity
Spruce tops – Add to your tired planters as soon as possible, if your soil has frozen, set them in the house to thaw so you can push the stems into the soil.  For a natural look add branches (Dogwood, Birch & Willow are a few great options), birch logs and other greenery for more texture. This can work as a base for a fall look, add some pumpkins and gourds and you are good through Thanksgiving.  After Thanksgiving change out the pumpkins & gourds with some large ornaments or pinecones.  Add some ribbon & lights and you are set for the season.
Wreaths – these are a great greeting on your front door or porch.  Jazz up a basic wreath with extra types of boughs, twigs, ornaments, dried flowers, and ribbon.  Consider using a wide ribbon to loop through your wreath to hang it from your door instead of a metal wreath hanger.
Candles – the choices are endless on the aroma that you can set in a room along with setting the mood. They make a great addition to a centerpiece, side table or a grouping in an entry way.
Gift Wrapping – bring a touch of nature to your wrapping this year. Use kraft paper to wrap the gift, then finish it off with a tip of an evergreen bough with a little ribbon or string.  You may even find a few tiny pinecones in your yard to add to it.
Simple finishing touches – while enjoying a walk through the park this fall, take along a bag and gather some pinecones.  They make great additions to planters, centerpieces or just a bowl full of them (you can even dry them in the oven & add some essential oils afterward for aroma). Glitter sprayed on evergreen branches can add a simple touch of elegance.
Lights – LED lights are beautiful & energy efficient so don’t hold back, add them everywhere.  Everywhere is easy to do since there are many battery operated strings with timers for ease of use.
Garden Findings – take a walk through your yard with a different eye.  Look for dried flowers or seed pods that have held their form or color well, Hydrangeas & Sedum are great finds. If you find some with great form but they lack enough color, lightly spray them with paint.  Regular spray paint can be a little heavy, so it’s ideal to pick up some from a craft center.  Cut some branches out of a Crabapple tree that is loaded with red berries to add height to a planter.
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