Holiday Pup Plans 2

If you see your pet as your furry four-legged child like we do, then you know how difficult it can be to have to board them during the holidays. Not only do you say goodbye to your beloved family member, you now have to worry about how they are being cared for in your absence. Thankfully our community is full of pet Moms and Dads that feel the same way, making Eden Prairie a plentiful city of pet lodging options to take your worry away.

It can be impossible to find a neighbor or friend to care for your dog, cat, gerbil, bunny or snake during the holiday season. But that doesn’t mean that your pet can’t be loved in a home while you are traveling. Pets Are Inn is a fantastic boarding option for the pampered pet. Your ‘child’ is matched up with a certified host to be cared for and loved in their home during your leave. Is your dog used to sleeping in bed with you? Does your cat have a special medication and diet? Pets Are Inn becomes the of pets and hosts to accommodate all of your special instructions.

In order to gain the knowledge necessary for the expert care of your pet, Pets Are Inn conducts a 15-30 minute interview with you. Hosts are then paired up with your pets based off of their ability to provide the needs for your loved one and their past experience with your type of pet.  Don’t worry, all of the hosts have been thoroughly interviewed and safety checked, as well as their homes. Pets Are Inn makes boarding worry-free on all accounts for the transportation of your furry (or not-so-furry) friend is all included. They can even come pick him or her up while you are out of the house. All of these services and great care of your pet for a similar price as other boarding options.

Pets Are Inn has been nominated for a Better Business Bureau Torch Award for ethics, and will surely take care of your four-legged child during the holidays. Give them a call at 952-837-1877 or send an email to

If you are looking for more of a kennel boarding option for your pups and such, Hound Dog Pet Hotel has you covered. Located at 13013 Valley View Road, this pet hotel creates an environment to take the stress away from you, and equally as important, your pet. Plenty of human interaction and exercise will be provided for your loved one while you are away for they are outside 6-7 times each day. After their exhausting day of playing your pet will be given a luxurious place to lay their head awaiting your return.  ADOGO is also a wonderful boarding option for your pet to be pampered with room service, daycare, and a soothing spa bath.

Hound Dog Pet Hotel can be reached at 952-949-0077, stop in and take a look around!

ADOGO in Minnetonka’s phone number is 952-933-5200 and their website in

Whether you choose to have your beloved pets stay at a home or in a kennel, you can rest easy and enjoy the holidays knowing your loved one is being taken care of.