A Good Giving 4

When you think of thrift stores, what comes to mind? Awful lighting? Crowded shelves and clothing racks? Unkempt dressing rooms? Don’t be shy. If these things came to mind, you’re probably not alone. Sure, some thrift stores resemble the morning after the stampedes of Black Friday, but Goodwill and PROP Shop set themselves apart from the rest.

Nestled right off Highway 5 and 78th Street just across the border of Eden Prairie in Chanhassen and Highway 5 and Mitchell Road these little gems sell lots of pre-owned clothing, housewares, furniture, and a whole lot more in the most organized of fashions. The best part? There’s something for everyone in the family!

PROP Shop’s mission is to compassionately provide food and comprehensive support to our neighbors in need that creates a path towards self-sufficiency. PROP Shop helps people in Eden Prairie and Chanhassen, Minnesota who are facing financial hardship or crisis.

Primary services include PROP food shelf, short-term financial help, support for low-income families with children and teens, and support for seniors and individuals with disabilities.

What’s unique about purchasing secondhand from Goodwill is the fact that their stores are specifically designed to support their mission services. For every dollar spent, 85 cents goes right back into their services and programs – which help prepare people for work through industry-specific job skills training and job coaching. So, when you shop at and make donations to Goodwill, you’re supporting your community 100%.
If you haven’t given Goodwill or PROP Shop a shot, here are seven good reasons why you should:

* You can find a steal of a deal on name-brand clothing, like J. Crew, Banana Republic, Guess, Urban Outfitters, and many more designer labels. You can even find some items with the original tags from the retailer still attached.

* You’re directly supporting people in your community get jobs or training in specific fields. You know exactly where your money is going!

* It’s an adventure. Each visit you make to Goodwill and PROP Shop is like taking a trip down memory lane, in addition to creating a unique wardrobe. Remember Girbaud jeans? With a little bit of patience, you, too, can find a pair and relive 1994 all over again.

* Genuine vintage clothing, furniture, or housewares are very easy to find.

* Goodwill means good deals. Each week, Sunday through Thursday, you can enjoy even more of savings. 50% off children’s items on Thursdays?

* You’re being environmentally conscious by shopping at Goodwill. When you donate or purchase upcycled items, you reduce pollution and waste. Recycling at its finest!

* It’s not just clothes. You can find beautiful mirrors, antique china sets, fabric, curtains, steamer trunks, and retro dollhouses. The ever evolving merchandise will guarantee to please each time you shop at Goodwill and PROP Shop!

Making donations (cash donations are welcome and needed), shopping and volunteering are ways your group, business or family can volunteer to give to your neighbors in need. Both Goodwill and PROP Shop have listings on their websites.

Our models are wearing upcycled clothing pieces all found on the wonderful thrift racks. Giving back has never been more fun than it is today at Goodwill and PROP Shop.