Thank you!

It’s been an exciting month for all of us at the magazine. The premier issue of Eden Prairie Lifestyle arrived in EP mailboxes September 1st and 2nd. It was a bit unnerving to start this new venture and hope that everyone’s hard work paid off. Once we had it in our hands we knew we’d accomplished our mission. So how do we top the first issue?  Well, Fall Fashion of course!

In this issue there are eight gorgeous pages and the cover of Fall Fashion to excite and delight you all.  I want to thank Von Maur and store manager Liz Kuebler for providing us unlimited access to the amazing fashions for this Fall presentation. There is much more than we can show you at Von Maur, so get in there and give yourselves a re-fresh for Fall.

Our models are my very own nieces! Thank you to Teresa and Isabel Abeln for participating.  Hair was done by Lynn and Alisa – top stylists at Sanctuary SalonSpa and make-up provided by the wonderful make-up artists at Von Maur.

It’s easy to forget how lucky we are to have a real – full service – head to toe – for everyone in the family department store right in our back yard. We have witnessed the changes in retail (some not so good) over time but we still get to have our very own Von Maur (Von Maur is busy building a second MN location in the Rosedale area from the ground up scheduled to open 2018). Check your coats and get your gifts wrapped for free by the wonderful ladies on 2nd floor Customer Service – just one more thoughtful service from Von Maur.

Coming up in November we’ll be looking at “Traditions” so send in your family, friends, neighborhood or work traditions that celebrate the entry into the Holiday Season.  Don’t be shy, send an email with your ideas too! Maybe you’ll get on a page or two in November!