Eden Prairie – The Land of Good and Plenty

Welcome to the Premier issue of Eden Prairie Lifestyle. I am so proud to put forth a beautiful magazine exclusively (although you are welcome to share it with non-EP folks too) for Eden Prairie. My family and I have been residents for about 24 years now. Having moved from Southwest Minneapolis to the suburbs was new ground for us. Bigger yards, bigger houses and so much beautiful green space.

This premier issue is themed “The land of good and plenty” because that is how I’ve lived and loved Eden Prairie all these years. You can mention Eden Prairie just about anywhere in the country and people know something about us.  This land of good and plenty has been named one of the best communities to live, work and grow a family in the country. There’s a reason for this – it’s the Good People of Eden Prairie and the Plenty of Opportunity this community has.

Eden Prairie Lifestyle will be an inspirational, community-based magazine.  Our content is for, by and about the residents focusing on family, local businesses, philanthropy and community events. It’s a place where you’ll very likely “run into someone you know” in the pages.

We’re new so we needed this introduction and now I offer an invitation. Please give us your ideas on what and who you’d like to see in your hometown magazine. We’ll be on the lookout for interesting people to profile, events to spotlight and ideas that have meaning for our beautiful town.  Don’t be shy, send an email with your ideas and perhaps we’ll see you in a story!