Plane Talk 4

When flying private makes dollars 
and cents count for you, your family 
and your high value executives

It’s only nine in the morning, but out on the tarmac of Flying Cloud Airport the mercury is fast approaching ninety degrees. Heat waves shimmer over a Lear Jet waiting for passengers to arrive. I’m informed that the aircraft’s air conditioning unit can cool cabin conditions to temperatures conducive to comfortable levels.

“It might be a while before they fly.  That’s why we keep ours in here,” says Rich Dalquist, president and pilot CEO of Plane Solutions, a private aviation management, sales and consulting organization. He’s referring to the shaded hangar behind us. In there, the planes shimmer for a different reason: they’re spotless.

“Our motto is ‘service, 
service, service and along the way, strive for perfection.’ he says. It’s what makes us different.”

And it shows.

With services ranging from turn-key aircraft and outsourced flight department management, to aircraft acquisition, charter brokerage and bespoke service right down to the style of chocolate served during in-flight catering, Plane Solutions’ 
accommodations know no bounds when it comes to attending to each specific requirement of their clients.

“If you need to be in Philadelphia by lunch, and back in time for your child’s soccer game in evening, we’ll make that happen – and do every day!”

Dalquist relates the use of a private jet in a unique way.

“A private jet is expensive when compared to buying an airline ticket, but flying the airlines is akin to taking the city bus. For high value executives with a full plate, living on a city bus schedule is unthinkable!”

For those seeking to trade the snail’s pace of commercial air for the maximized efficiency of private transit, Plane Solutions are the go-to guys, and they work like this:

When a company needs to expedite employee travel, they purchase private aircraft. But with the struggles of maintenance, finding qualified pilots and crew, and keeping within finicky FAA regulations, 
it becomes apparent that owning and operating the aircraft is a full-time job in itself. As a result, they decide to outsource their flight operation.

This is where Plane Solutions comes in. And as Dalquist puts it, Plane Solutions “does it all.” Where they are truly unique is that Plane Solutions is fully aligned with their clients’ interests as a fiduciary, not as a vendor.

“We are fierce defenders 
of our clients’ privacy, safety 
and pocketbook” 
says Dalquist.

“We’re the guys behind the scenes.  While you’re in the air with our pilots, our ground crew is on the phone making sure your  driver is onsite, waiting for you and has directions to your hotel.”

With an extensive background in logistics management and over thirty years’ flight experience, few are more qualified than Dalquist (and his hand-picked crew of pilots and client managers) to handle the intricacies of a precisely coordinated commute.

His office: a miniature control tower complete with real-time flight data projected onto computer screens.
His desk: a diagnostic nerve center.  Here, Dalquist puts his experience to use by inspecting each and every maintenance invoice from parts suppliers.

“Airplanes need constant maintenance.” he says, gesturing to the stack of invoices.

“Safety is our number one priority. We operate within a strict operating philosophy and use more conservative safety protocols than industry standard.”

By acting as their clients’ agent, Dalquist oversees all purchase transactions from vendors, preventing overcharging and waste. “Every bill sees my red pen” says Dalquist.

Of course, with their wide array of specialized amenities, a partnership with Plane Solutions is not free According to Dalquist, their fee for service is “often close to a net zero due to our efficiencies and purchasing power”.  This is a highly trained team of seasoned experts and once retained for service, provide a strong advocacy for the client’s interests.

The efficiency and potential for growth inherent in their partnership makes them an indispensable resource that pays for itself.

With pilots at the ready on a moment’s notice, the freedom provided by Plane Solutions allows a company to multiply output by dispatching top performing salespeople, “rainmakers” you might say, to three to four nationwide meetings per day. Flight delays permitting, commercial might allow for one or two under even the best conditions.

Then there’s the added benefit of minimizing employee burnout. “You don’t want to make your employees into road warriors”, warns Dalquist. “An  overworked employee is an ineffective employee. If you can get your team to their destination in good time and good comfort, you’re creating a win-win-win situation. The company is happy with increased sales, employees are happy when they can come home to their families, and we’re happy to assist by doing what we love- managing our clients’ aircraft and being a part of their success story!”

Needless to say, an investment with Plane Solutions is a necessity for any business seeking an edge over competitors. For more information, you can check out Plane Solutions’ website here: or give them a call for an informative discussion at 952-406-8355.