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Tips from the pro

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Tips from the pro

The way you design your patio can make such a difference! Asking yourself the right questions in the beginning is key.

• Why do we want a patio?

• How are we going to use it?

• Where will it go?

    Most of us cannot DIY a patio. No matter which product you select, (Concrete, Natural Stone, Flagstone, Brick, Wood) the base that is prepared under the product is what is going to make the biggest difference in the longevity and performance of the product.Your understanding of how to prepare the foundation will allow you to compare the quotes. You’ve got a budget; you’ve done your research – now it’s time to compile all of your “inspiration” pictures so that you can share your vision with the Contractor. Be prepared to clearly tell the sales person giving you a quote what you want and the time frame up front. Knowing what you want to achieve will make this a winning project and enhance the value of your beautiful home.

    This is a chance to really express yourself so don’t stop at the patio – think about how your landscape design can or will change because of your new patio. Colors of product should be a compliment the color of your home. And every Patio needs ‘pops’ of color.

    Hint: You can stage your patio and landscape renovation over a couple of summers. A good contractor will know this but a great contractor will help you with the whole plan so that your results are stunning throughout each step.

    Let’s get started! Send us pictures of your before and after! We’d love to share it and we’ll surely find a nice ‘thank you for sharing gift’ to send out to you too!