Making Connections in Eden Prairie 4

You don’t have to finance

We are all familiar with unique and famous small business startup stories. Jeff Bezos of Amazon began his retail odyssey by holding meetings at a nearby Barnes and Noble. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield began Ben and Jerry’s in a rundown gas station in Burlington, Vermont. Young Michael Kitteridge started making candles at home from melted crayons, so began Yankee Candle Company. In America, we love success stories. All things are possible. We live for potential. An entrepreneur has an idea, believes in a concept, feeds and supports a small business passionately and so the road to success is begun.

Eden Prairie is the home to just such a success story …and it continues at today at In 2005, Eden Prairie resident Neil Marriott was employed as a Systems Analyst at St Jude Medical working on ERP Software, Device Tracking and Data Warehousing. Neil had an idea. Start a business in a spare room at home selling audio/video connectivity via the web. At first, the concept was to earn some extra money from home. was born. We live in a connected world, and Neil was providing cables, accessories, connections to video and audio, connecting all of our home electronics. The home and business market demand for connectivity was growing and Neil was there. By 2006 needed more space and moved to a 1200 sq. ft. warehouse in Eden Prairie. 2006 was an exciting time for the home theatre market as the first LCD and plasma TV’s were hitting the market. The big “digital conversions” were just starting! By 2007 expanded by doubling its space and doubled yet again. Today Neil and his staff occupy over 12,000 square feet of well stocked inventory at 6224 Bury Drive in Eden Prairie. currently does business in all 50 states and 64 Countries.

Today, serves both the residential and business communities. They are experts in the residential DIY Audio/Video world along with the business marketplace. If you live in Eden Prairie and have a connectivity project, stop in and see Neil and his staff. They pride themselves in great customer service.

If you have a moment to speak with Neil, talk to him about aviation. He got bitten by the flight bug 5 years ago and now is a member of the Cloud7 flying club at Flying Cloud Airport. Neil, his wife Brenda and two children ages 14 and 15 love living in Eden Prairie. Neil Marriott and would be a great connection to make. is at 6224 Bury Drive in Eden Prairie. Telephone number is 952-486-8736. business hours are Monday-Friday 7:30 am – 5:00 pm, Thursday open later until 7:00 pm, and Saturday’s 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.