Licking your fingers is OK! 1

They have one or more 
of your favorites 
on the menu

Licking your fingers is OK!

So I’m thinking I’d like to have the perfectly chilled _(fill in the blank)_ to go with the crunchy _(fill in the blank)_ dipped in _(fill in the blank) _and then If I order _(fill in the blank)_ and you order _(fill in the blank)_ we’d have it all (until desert) Bwahahahahaaa!

Now that I’ve had a good laugh at my own thought process – let’s get you in the mindset too! Who hasn’t spent time thinking up what to order and how to leverage the menu to get the most out of it when you’re out with friends?

Tavern 4&5 is such an inviting place – a real neighborhood find.  The food designed by the legendary Scott Foster (famous locally for Hazelwood, Chester’s, Pescara, Terza) is so de-lish! Foster’s flavor palate is always a big hit. It doesn’t matter if you’re a carnivore or vegan; there are many tasty choices on the menu.

Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner-Late Night this team is ready to serve.  One of the best kept secrets at The Tavern 4&5 is the staff.  A great service experience can make or break any restaurant visit.  This team is comprised of long time well-seasoned staff. They stay for a couple reasons other than the delicious eats. The staff turnover is very limited because of the management team and ownership – both believe great staff and great food makes great guests! It’s hard to keep all the balls in the air with a restaurant but The Tavern 4&5 does it every day.

Located in the NE corner of Hwy’s 4&5 (thus the name) it’s the perfect location.  Close to the High School and Community Center it draws crowds when sporting events are going on.  This is one of those places that has it all – whether your young or old Tavern 4&5 will please you.

The menu is loaded with all kinds of tasty creations.  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Late Night Tavern 4&5 is a hot spot. Hope to see you there soon.  Tag us on Face Book, send us pictures of your celebration, we look forward to hearing from you.