Let's Celebrate 
Eden Prairie Together!

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Eden Prairie Lifestyle. We are thrilled to bring this new community based publication to Eden Prairie- one of America’s best places to live, work and raise families. The goal of Eden Prairie Lifestyle is to bring our community together in all that we do. We will work to interest, inform and entertain our readers each month.

To our readers, our plan will be to focus on your families, your home and the daily lives that you lead in Eden Prairie. There is much to celebrate about living in this wonderful place. We are thankful for our civic organizations, our schools and our local businesses. Over the many years that I have lived in Eden Prairie it has always been evident that our residents have a true appreciation for all that it offers. We love and appreciate that we live here.

Bringing Eden Prairie Lifestyle to all of you is a personal and professional dream come true. How lucky we are to be able to celebrate a community with all of the positives that we have.

Please communicate with us. Tell us what your areas of interest are. Give us feedback. Participate with us. And always know, we are here to be part of each of you. Thank you for having us in your homes, we promise to be great guests. Let’s celebrate Eden Prairie together!